website design and optimization solutions – Consoles

website design and optimization solutions – Consoles

It is easy to get lost in the “Geek Speak” of SEO when trying to understand and utilize the concept. Most of us aren’t internet savvy and don’t have years of experience researching and analyzing how search engines operate. If you don’t have the budget to hire an SEO expert to monitor your site regularly, here are some some simple ways you can optimize your website and bring in more business. This article is broken into three aspects of SEO on which you can easily control- Content, Links, & Analytics.Visit homepage website design and optimization solutions.

You may have heard the phrase “content is king”, and it’s true. Content plays a major role in the effectiveness of your website and determining it’s rank.

Provide a Benefit Your website content is useless if it doesn’t provide a value for your audience. Above and beyond your standard sales pitch and product information, give your reader insightful take-aways and new information from which they can benefit. Create content which supplies your audience with a value in exchange for spending time on your website and researching your product or service.

Keep it Fresh Search engines love fresh content, so the more you update your site the better your search ranking. However, if you’re one of the many of whom don’t have products and services that change regularly, this may be more difficult. A blog is the easiest solution to this dilemma. By linking your blog, the new content will refresh the overall site, thus ranking it higher with Google. There are many sites which offer free blogs as well as easy content management systems which allow you to edit your blog using drag and drop features. Your blog posts should contain information about your industry. Always keep in mind, you don’t want to blog about your own company products and services, but rather, topics in which your consumer would be interested in, topics which encompass a wider subject around your product.

Article Submission Following the same concept as blogging, Article Submission means writing about industry topics and submitting them to article sites such as EzineArticles or articlepro. The key here is putting your website address in your signature and/or bio. You can use this in conjunction with your blog, or as an alternative option to attracting visitors to your site.

Keep It Unique There’s a difference between refreshing your website and updating it. Be sure you’re not repeating posts or articles just to keep your site “fresh”. Duplicate content is generally ignored and often frowned upon by search engines which can ultimately hurt your rank.

Links are very important to pay attention to when performing SEO. Your ultimate goal is to achieve a number of link backs from quality, high-ranked sites. Link back simple means a link to your website which appears on another website.

Apply to Search Engines It might not seem so obvious until you hear it, but why wait for the search engines to find you? Tell them about your website yourself. You can submit your website address to the popular search engines (Google, Yahoo, MSN, etc) for free.

Directories Finding directories for your industry in which you can submit your website address is another easy way to build up your link backs. Though higher ranked directories usually require a fee or link back to their site as well.

Social Media Creating a social media profiles for company gives you yet another place to post your web address, among other benefits. You can search forums posted to these sites to answer questions or offer suggestions based on your industry knowledge and gain exposure. Don’t forget to leave your website address next your signature!