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Concept of Solar Energy

The sun is the consistent source of energy that has been producing huge amount of heat and power. This is the process by which solar energy has been produced and can be used for generating electricity, cooking and other heating process. power helps in reducing our dependence on polluting fossil fuels. It is a renewable source of energy which does not emit harmful gases while producing heat, power and electricity. The energy of sun is the cheapest replacement for other sources of energy. Using this power in your homes and industries means reducing your power bills in an effective manner.

The concept of This energy has been introduced widely and successfully implemented in different ways. A solar cooker captures the heat energy from the sun using mirrors or aluminum foiled sides. It is good about solar cooking that it does not requires any special equipment to collect the sun rays. The reflective materials are used in the manufacturing of solar cookers which focus the sunlight on the main cooking vessel. Thus, solar cookers manufacturers offers a wide variety of designs frequently used in the areas where less fuel consumption is required. The solar power is a natural resource of energy that has enabled us to create multiple useful devices. One of the most common device that is used to convert sun light into DC electricity is known as solar cell. The solar cell exporters are producing these components with good quality silicon, that helps to increase the efficiency of energy conversion process. These devices can also compete against the polluting and non-renewable fossil fuel sources. read more

The solar water heater is one of the simplest versions of solar power that is being used for heating water in industries and residences. It can reduce a significant portion of conventional energy which is being used for heating water in our houses and commercial areas. It is getting extremely popular among the consumers because it helps in saving electricity power. These solar heaters have three basis operations, in which water is collected in solar collector and transfer the heat to the main water storage tank. Now, the heated water is now stored in an insulated tank that can be drawn on the requirement. Hence, the solar water heater manufacturers are offering a premium range of products for the ease of their clients.

The solar power is one of reliable form of energy when compared to other energy resources, as it is eco-friendly in nature, creates less harmful emissions and requires less maintenance. Similarly, at the time of energy conversion there is absolutely no noise made from photovoltaic panels, that converts sun rays into electricity and power. On the other hand, wind energy output is totally proportional to wind speed, which is not feasible for all geographic conditions. The solar energy is generally being derived from natural and available resources that reduces the costs of operation. Whereas, the natural gas resources are unavailable in some areas and the harmful emission of gases impact the entire ecosystem.