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Shop My Happi Place – Things to consider

Do humor t shirts really make people laugh, especially strangers? Do people really think about them later in their day when they are feeling a little depressed? Do they share what they saw and heard with their friends, family and coworkers? Or is it all a bunch of hype over a type of shirt that has just become popular over the years? Can it really be an instant mood changer, and if it can, how is it that people have not written any studies on it or have their thoughts and ideas published anywhere? Were experiments done to check out the hypothesis that humor t shirts make people feel better?

Well if you thought that the idea of humor t shirts making people feel better was only a bunch of hype and had no substantial evidence you are WRONG! It has actually been shown that certain shades of colors as well as slogans, quotes and pictures, can and do effect the mood of people. If you see the right color you will feel better, or worse – it all depends! It has also been proven that when you pick out your clothes you think about how you feel that day and about what is on that day’s schedule.read more

If you still do not believe this, why not try it out for yourself? Put on a certain dark, black and “depressing” shirt you own. Notice as you walk by a crowd of people how they will start to frown. This will be especially so when they were initially smiling when they came across you, but once they see your shirt, they cannot help it, they instantly go sad. On another day switch it up. Wear a bright colored shirt that has some inspiration quote about how life moves on, that there is a light at the end of the tunnel, and that things always get better. Or you can wear one with a song lyric that makes people happy and laugh that most people know.