Different Laptop Stands Available on the Market

Different Laptop Stands Available on the Market

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Shopping for a laptop stand can be as head-wrecking as shopping for any other peripheral for your gizmos. But like everything else it’s important to shop around and find what’s right for you. There’s no point in picking something up and realising it doesn’t fit your needs at all. So here we have another list to once again help you pick from the very best. We’ll detail two of the best out there.If you’re looking for more tips, laptop has it for you.

-The Griffin Elevator

This stand is highly sought after and with good reason. It’s durable, sleek, and will suit pretty much anyone. Created with everyone in mind, this adjustable stand can raise up to 5.5″ meaning your laptop can always be at eye level without question.

This stand is made of metal and will fit in with most laptop design easily whilst also being easily storable with its foldable design. The non slip rubber means your laptop doesn’t run the risk of sliding off and cracking itself off your desk. And its raised status means your laptop has room to breathe giving your hardware some much needed cooling reducing the risk of overheating and hard drive failure. This comes highly recommended from us and with good reason.

-U Top Laptop Stand

The U Top laptop stand comes to us from Ergonomic Café and whilst it may not be the most attractive little stand, it definitely delivers what it promises. Advantages include the health benefits of improved posture, a slim lightweight and unique design that makes it ideal for traveling, six separate height settings and four cable storage slots; definitely something rare in something so small.

This laptop stand is just one piece with folding and at only 3mm thick is definitely portable and great for travelling. Definitely worth a look if you find yourself abroad more oft than nought.