How to Train Your Dog to Sit

Everyone praises and adores a well trained dog but to achieve that puppies have to undergo strict discipline and you have to give a lot of energy and time to this process. Only then will you get a fully trained dog that you will be proud of. Puppies require huge investments as far as training is concerned. You should know about how to train your dog to sit, stand and to do all sorts of basic things that we all love in little puppies. It is perhaps very important for the dogs to learn about these basic commands; a fact that is perhaps crucial to their training. The best time to train the dog in the basic commands is when they are still young as they have fresh minds. The best time, many experts recommend, is to train your puppies before meal times as it is then that the response is the greatest and also reward them with their favorite goodies if they comply with a command. You should try and bestow him with his favorite treat just a few moments after he has successfully adhered to a command; this will help him associate the treat with his site

The best thing to perhaps start with dog training is to collect all sorts of useful info on the subject as once you are done with that, you will be able to carry out this process in a better way. The basic dos and don’ts should be known to each and every trainer, it is extremely important. The training should preferably be carried out at a place where there is peace and quiet and you know that the dog will not be distracted by anything and will be able to fully concentrate. Make sure that the dog knows what he is playing for. He should understand that if he plays fair he’s going to get the treats that you have just shown to him. Just give him the command sit and shove him down a bit while you do that. After a while you will not have to push him down he will get the hang of it himself. When he does it successfully reward him with his favorite treat. This will not happen overnight, it will take a lot of time and effort on your part to successfully do so. The best thing is to repeat the training several times a day but only for fifteen minutes at any individual time so that the dog does not lose his concentration.

Place a leash if he is not taking you seriously and is not following your commands at all. This will actually make you get some control over the dog. The only thing that is required in this training is the practice of perseverance. Dogs are lovable creatures; you usually don’t have to invest a lot of energy; they learn quickly but only with the right kind of approach. So train your dog and begin by knowing how to train your dog to sit!