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Web Design Issues to Avoid-Guidelines

As a small business owner, you probably already know that your website is a very important tool for marketing your brand and reaching your target audience. Ensuring your website design is attractive and functional to your audience is also necessary for success. Unfortunately, there are quite a few small business web design mistakes that are all too common. Sometimes this occurs when small business owners hire a cheap designer and believe they’re getting a value, although sometimes it’s mistakes the website operator makes by excluding certain important information. To make sure you maximise the potential of your business website, keep these pitfalls in mind and avoid them.

these web design issues to avoid with

Not Building Trust

Building trust with your audience is arguably the most important thing any small business web design should do. There are actually some really easy and quick ways to build trust, as well as improve your conversion rate. Start my making sure your full address, company name and phone number is included on every page, preferably the footer. If you have an e-commerce storefront, make sure you are displaying badges like your SSL certificates and sitelock. After all, most people are not going to want to place an order if they doubt the professionalism and security of your website.

If you are a very small business or a freelancer, it also helps to add a picture of yourself to your “About Us” page along with a personal quote. Be prepared to be very transparent about your services and offer as much detail as possible, including any return policy or guarantees you provide. You should also have a privacy policy on your website, which tells your visitors what you will and will not do with their personal information that’s collected. Finally, consider adding the rel=”publisher” link to your homepage, which points to your business’s Google+ page. This way, the image used on your Google+ profile will be displayed alongside your website on Google search results.

Website is Too Flashy

It’s not uncommon for business owners to get a little carried away with the content and design of their website, requesting flashy graphics and bold colours that detract, not add value. To effectively market your brand and improve visibility, you want a clean and minimalist interface that impresses customers but makes it easy for them to find what they are looking for. Content should be straight-forward and relevant, not a long rambling monologue or an excuse to stuff in keywords unnaturally. Users should come away with a good experience and feel like they found exactly what they were looking for.

No Call to Action Buttons

Call to action buttons are important because they funnel your visitors further into your site. By keeping website users on your website for a longer amount of time, you’ll lower your bounce rate and increase the chance of a conversion. It also improves user experience by directing users exactly where they want to go, assuming it isn’t overdone. If you sell insurance, for example, you would have a call to action button encouraging users to request a quote. If you sell products online, you would have a call to action button for users to “Buy Now” or “Add to Cart.”

Not Using the Rel=”Nofollow” Tag on Outbound Links

Finally, a really common small business web design mistake is not using the rel=”nofollow” tag on outbound links away from the website. While it may not seem like a big issue, it actually allows you to control the “link juice” of your website, which gets leeched out to all of your “dofollow” outbound links. Only links going to your internal pages should be “dofollow,” which means they pass along this link juice.

It’s also important to avoid linking to a lot of low authority or low quality websites, especially if you do not have a great deal of inbound links to your website. Unfortunately, these mistakes are all too common, but very easy to fix, for the most part. As they say, an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure, so the best option is avoiding these mistakes in the first place by working with an experienced individual who can create a custom web design for your business.

website design and optimization solutions – Consoles

It is easy to get lost in the “Geek Speak” of SEO when trying to understand and utilize the concept. Most of us aren’t internet savvy and don’t have years of experience researching and analyzing how search engines operate. If you don’t have the budget to hire an SEO expert to monitor your site regularly, here are some some simple ways you can optimize your website and bring in more business. This article is broken into three aspects of SEO on which you can easily control- Content, Links, & Analytics.Visit homepage website design and optimization solutions.

You may have heard the phrase “content is king”, and it’s true. Content plays a major role in the effectiveness of your website and determining it’s rank.

Provide a Benefit Your website content is useless if it doesn’t provide a value for your audience. Above and beyond your standard sales pitch and product information, give your reader insightful take-aways and new information from which they can benefit. Create content which supplies your audience with a value in exchange for spending time on your website and researching your product or service.

Keep it Fresh Search engines love fresh content, so the more you update your site the better your search ranking. However, if you’re one of the many of whom don’t have products and services that change regularly, this may be more difficult. A blog is the easiest solution to this dilemma. By linking your blog, the new content will refresh the overall site, thus ranking it higher with Google. There are many sites which offer free blogs as well as easy content management systems which allow you to edit your blog using drag and drop features. Your blog posts should contain information about your industry. Always keep in mind, you don’t want to blog about your own company products and services, but rather, topics in which your consumer would be interested in, topics which encompass a wider subject around your product.

Article Submission Following the same concept as blogging, Article Submission means writing about industry topics and submitting them to article sites such as EzineArticles or articlepro. The key here is putting your website address in your signature and/or bio. You can use this in conjunction with your blog, or as an alternative option to attracting visitors to your site.

Keep It Unique There’s a difference between refreshing your website and updating it. Be sure you’re not repeating posts or articles just to keep your site “fresh”. Duplicate content is generally ignored and often frowned upon by search engines which can ultimately hurt your rank.

Links are very important to pay attention to when performing SEO. Your ultimate goal is to achieve a number of link backs from quality, high-ranked sites. Link back simple means a link to your website which appears on another website.

Apply to Search Engines It might not seem so obvious until you hear it, but why wait for the search engines to find you? Tell them about your website yourself. You can submit your website address to the popular search engines (Google, Yahoo, MSN, etc) for free.

Directories Finding directories for your industry in which you can submit your website address is another easy way to build up your link backs. Though higher ranked directories usually require a fee or link back to their site as well.

Social Media Creating a social media profiles for company gives you yet another place to post your web address, among other benefits. You can search forums posted to these sites to answer questions or offer suggestions based on your industry knowledge and gain exposure. Don’t forget to leave your website address next your signature!

Bathroom Remodeling Themes

A theme is a general subject of a room. It is a particular style, or type of decoration that you choose to center your bathroom around. This theme should reflect the personality of the individual performing the decoration, the interests of that individual, or simply a subject theme that is common to the bathroom. There are many methods in which a person who is remodeling the bathroom can integrate all components into one. If you are trying to decide on the most appropriate decoration style for your bathroom, you may consider the ideas listed here as extremely beneficial in your decision. Now, I will introduce you to the top 5 bathroom remodeling themes.Click over here now complete a home eco update.

  • One of the most popular bathroom themes is that which reflects scenes and decorations that can reflect things under the sea. There are many creative ways to achieve this bathroom theme. One of the base components required to achieve this type of decorating scheme is to implement various shades of blue and green into the room. This can be achieved by painting the walls in these colors, ensuring that the sink, bathtub, and toilet fit in with this color scheme, or even working in ceramic tile on the floors, shower, and walls that reflect this coloring. Accessorizing in an “under the sea” scheme is quite simple to do. There are many different shower curtains, sink sets, and toilet coverings that can be implemented in order to enhance the “underwater” experience.
  • The next bathroom remodeling theme that seems to be growing in popularity is the “rainforest” theme. This can be easily achieved by integrating bamboo flooring, and bamboo wall covering. Mixed with trimmings of woods, and grains, virtually every component of the bathroom can be integrated into a tropical retreat. These days, you can purchase window blinds that display tropical rainforest themes, and even shower curtains that reflect this theme. If you elect to use this particular theme when remodeling your bathroom, it is important to integrate accessories and artistic prints that reflect the bright birds, trees, and plants that reside in these cherished tropical sanctuaries.
  • Asian bathroom themes are quickly growing in popularity. Integrating small palms, Asian lettering, and small graphics like those that display Geishas are becoming quite trendy when it comes to bathroom remodeling. It is important to use a lot of wood, particularly bamboo and that derived from palms, in order to develop this particular bathroom design. Many also often go for mosaic type glass and even etched glass with natural scenes that are relevant to Asia. This can be a very relaxing and interesting theme for this room in the home.

  • The artistic theme is also emerging as a popular choice when it comes to bathroom remodeling. This can be achieved by mixing abstract colors, patterns, shapes, and artwork into the bathroom. Virtually anything goes in this type of bathroom. There are many geometrically shaped bathtubs and showers that can be purchased to appeal to this particular bathroom design. Sinks and vanities that would be appropriate to this type of theme can also be purchased.
  • The Zen theme is a great bathroom remodeling scheme. This type of theme focuses on balance and nature. It should be painted and designed in neutral and calming colors. It should be thrift, yet elegant. Implementing accessories like candles and wicker baskets are quite appropriate when it comes to the Zen bathroom. Using products like bamboo towel racks and toilet paper holders, scented satchels around the bathtub areas, and an arrangement of tropical plants are all fluid when it comes to this type of bathroom theme. Having a water resistant CD player that plays soothing sounds of nature will add to the effect of this bathroom remodeling theme.