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With today’s pace of life and demands of businesses, everyone needs to stay connected through wireless solutions. People expect unhindered communication both outdoors and indoors. The ideal locations to need high end wireless networks could be hotels, or sky scraper offices, institutions, commercial structures, hospitals and every other place where you generally go, stand, and sit while communicating. It is not just a passing trend but it is the stipulated demand of coverage everywhere and every time.You may want to check out this resource for more.

Ironically all the modern day structures and buildings that are meant to accommodate huge groups of people and facilities are a hindrance for wireless technology and are responsible for meager coverage.

Go Wireless
As the need of staying connected wireless increases, in building wireless solutions emerge as the most fundamental utility absolutely equivalent to electricity and water. The wide area networks (WAN) that usually manages the wireless connectivity outside may not turn out to be the feasible plan with concern to the network accessibility within the structures.

Without proper arrangements for cell phone signal booster and distributed antenna system, the corporate industry may lose productivity, hospitals may lack emergency patient care, hotels may have higher vacancies and students at schools and colleges may stay away from learning new ways. This is exactly why developers and building owners are prowling for cost effective, efficient and long term wireless solutions to make sure that people can avail endless benefits of wireless systems in the future.

The radio frequency signals are incapable to penetrate modern structures and luckily there are pre construction and post construction ways to implement wireless solutions within the building. Exactly like renovation of older structures, wireless universal coverage can also be strategically installed in already entrenched structures.

Advantages of Going Wireless
Incorporating in building wireless solutions can be rewarding in following ways:

• Increased corporate productivity through enhanced network coverage
• No dead zones within the premises
• Sturdy financial returns with swift work flow and highly responsive communication
• Less device interruptions
• Wider coverage with superior WiFi and cellular networks
• Enhanced public safety
• Enhanced monitoring functions
• Energy and cost efficiency
• Advanced connectivity and multi device communication

Early Is Sensible
Installing wireless systems in new or under construction buildings is easier and much cost effective than installing it in the pre constructed buildings. With so many long term benefits and promising future, it only makes sense to get wireless solutions installed in your new commercial or non commercial structures to prosper predominantly.

Defeat Red Light Camera Tickets

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Red light cameras gradually became a part of our urban landscape. They spread over cities and counties and in some cases, cover the whole State. And more cameras naturally bring more tickets. Knowing how red light cameras work and what the best strategies are in beating that type of tickets in court are arguably part of the literacy of any modern motorist nowadays. This article will give you the basic knowledge of red light cameras modus operandi and walk you through defense strategies to beat a ticket if you got one.

How Red Light Cameras Work

Sensor, camera and photo flash-light get installed in the intersection and are synchronized with traffic light equipment. A ticket gets issued when a car enters the intersection after the traffic light turns red. The definition for the word “after” depends on your state/city jurisdiction and in many places it is one third of a second. With that said entering the intersection at the same moment of time when the light turns red should NOT result in red light citation. The same is even more true for the yellow (amber) light case – by law you have to have no issues with crossing the intersection entry bar on the yellow light or being in the middle of intersection when the light is yellow. check out these tips

How Red Light Violations Get Captured

Two photo shots get done – one when the car crosses the intersection entry bar during the red light phase and a second one – when the car is on the middle of intersection. The moment for the second photo shot gets defined by a short delay time set up in the red light equipment (usually 0.5 – 1.2 seconds) which usually depends on the speed limit posted for that location. The second photo proves that the car didn’t accidentally cross the intersection white entry bar and then completely stopped but continued driving during the red light phase. Date, time, violation number, time interval between two photos and the car speed must be clearly shown on the second photo. Both photos must also show that the intersection light was clearly red at the time of violation.

Do You Need To Identify a Driver?

The short answer is – “No, you don’t”. The tickets are issued against the cars violating the red light rule not against the drivers. This is the reason why all red light citations carry only the financial penalties but not the driver’s demerit points.

Why Red Light Cameras?

The original idea behind right light cameras was to enforce the traffic law and safety on the roads. However everybody probably knows the real reason behind that – municipalities need money and traffic tickets are the easy way to generate some steady cash stream. Numerous researches conducted by impartial 3rd party organizations show that contrary to original expectations, installing red light cameras doesn’t result in overall traffic safety increase. For example, researchers discovered, that some decrease in injuries caused by right-angle-accidents from cars running on red gets well compensated by noticeably increased number of rear-hit collisions caused by cars suddenly stopped on intersection trying to avoid possible red light citation.

Defense Strategies

So, it happened – you have got a ticket in the mail and you want to know what to do next. Below are the main strategies you can apply to get your ticket dismissed.

The Ticket Which Was Sent to You is a Snitch

There are numerous cases in some jurisdictions when local police sends phishing (snitch) tickets to registered car owners expecting them to pay blindly. According to internet resources “data from Oakland shows that in 2009 Snitch Tickets were 42% of what they sent out”. So if you got one – don’t pay blindly and make sure that is not a scam. Check your “citation” – if it doesn’t contain the name of the court, its address, phone number and open hours it is likely a fake. If your “citation” contains request to pay a fine directly to sender when saying “don’t contact the court” – it is for sure a fake. If your “citation” contains the phrase: “Courtesy Notice: It is Not a Ticket” – ignore it, it is a scam.

The Ticket Was Sent To the Wrong Address/Person

Some tickets are sent by mistake – they were meant for another person but were mailed to you. Check the addressee’s name, address and other details in the ticket to make sure that it is not a mistake. Also check if you have been crossing that intersection on that day and time or if you are not the only driver of your car in your household – ask family members if it could be them.

It Wasn’t Me

Some local traffic courts or police stations might exercise pressure trying to force you to reveal who was driving a car during a red light violation. You don’t have to answer – it is not required by law. If they insist too much making you uncomfortable or they try to intimidate you in any form – tell them that you want to exercise your constitutional right to remain silent. Never forget – you are innocent until proven guilty in the court of law. It is a responsibility of court after all to prove their allegations.

Vehicle Was Stolen

If you vehicle was stolen by someone, even for only two-three hours of fan drive – you are not liable. If you can prove it in court – your ticket will be dismissed.

My License Plate Was Stolen

If you vehicle’s plate was lost or stolen and someone used it during the traffic violation – you are not liable. Applying this defense strategy would require an examination of citation photos to make sure that the car on the photo isn’t yours.

Intersection Doesn’t Have “Photo Enforced” Warning Sign

Most jurisdictions require posting special “Photo Enforced” warning signs 300 feet before the intersections equipped by red light cameras. If that sign was missing in your case your ticket might be dismissed – the final decision remains on the discretion of judge.

Red Light Camera Periodic Certification Requirement

The red light camera equipment is a subject of strict regulations (similar to radars) and must be periodically tested and calibrated to comply the municipal law. Many cameras fail to meet this requirement. Request the last calibration report. If the calibration was overdue – your ticket is safely dismissed.

Yellow Light Timing Is Too Short

There are well documented requirements for the minimum duration of yellow (amber) light between green and red phases in the intersection. Too short duration of yellow light understandably leads to a premature start of the red light phase and as a result – to unfair citation of cars caught off guard in the middle of intersection. “Who is interested in shortening the yellow light phase after all” you might ask. Companies that sell and install camera equipment often get solid share of ticket generated revenue (in some jurisdictions up to 50%) and is the most interested party in these violations. Request a test of the yellow light duration; if it was altered – your ticket is dismissed.

Road and Weather Conditions

Severe weather and road conditions could be an acceptable excuse for running on a red light. The ice, snow or excessive amounts of rain on the road could make compliance to traffic law more dangerous than excusable conditional violation. The same applies to the tailgating scenarios when you are forced to keep driving on a red light because car behind you is dangerously close, is speeding or tailgating creating a hazard to cars and pedestrians around. In these cases running on red light understandably promotes public safety rather than violating it.

Citation Doesn’t Have Supporting Photos at All

In the name of privacy some municipalities send out a red light camera ticket without the actual photo. Make sure that they have all photos required by law – go to the courthouse or municipal building and request your red light camera photos. If they cannot present them – your ticket is dismissed.

Photos In Citation Do Exist But Are Not Admissible To Court

In many cases the red light camera ticket photo(s) do exist but are not admissible to court.

Possible reasons:

-One of the two mandatory photos is missing

-2nd photo exists but does not show your vehicle on the middle of intersection

-The lighting conditions are very poor and the photo is illegible

-License plate is missing on photo or is unreadable

-Traffic signal malfunction (traffic signal was broken when red light camera flashed)

-Red light sensor malfunction (it was a yellow light not red when first photo was taken)

-White stop bar was not painted on the road or was not clearly visible

-Out of State plates (with the exception of States which have mutual traffic citation agreement)

If Nothing Above Worked Out

You might be able dismiss your ticket by attending traffic school if you are eligible. The eligibility requirements vary from State to State. In California, for example, you can do it only once every 18 months; in Florida – once every 2 years.

Tips for post winter koi pond usage Chronicles

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Taking care of your koi pond during the year is full of small tasks that need done in order for your fish to remain healthy. However, winter is the most critical time of year for your koi. Once you have prepared for winter, there is nothing that you can really do for your pond. That said, there is a lot of preparation that you need to do to ensure that your fish survive.learn more.

Biological Maintenance

There are several tasks that need done when you are preparing your koi pond for the winter. Biological maintenance includes cleaning the pond, pruning your water plants as necessary, and caring for your fish stock. You should start this process at least a month before the temperature gets truly cold. First frost should not have occurred yet if possible. All plant debris should be removed from your pond as this can build up into dangerous ammonia, phosphorous and nitrogen in your water. This is called a disruption in your pond’s cycle. Decaying plant matter can also lower the available oxygen levels in the water.

Mechanical Maintenance

Mechanical maintenance for preparation for winter includes turning off all fountains and waterfalls and preparing your heating element for use. Your heating element is critical for the survival of your fish during the winter. This element keeps sections of your pond warm enough for your fish to survive in. Make certain that you use a heating element that is rated for your region. If your region gets too cold, it may be necessary to craft indoor housing for your fish and plants for the winter. Forcing an underrated heater to perform in especially cold temperatures can result in the heater breaking. This can lead to fish death.

Physical Maintenance

Before winter, it is necessary for you to check that your liner is sound and that there are no problems with the physical structure of your pond. Rocks on the edge of your pond should be checked. These rocks are often what help secure the liner in place. If one of these rocks falls, it can damage the liner. Replacing the liner of a pond is a very expensive process. However, if you need a new liner, doing so right before winter is a good time to have it done as this will ensure your pond is fully prepared for the winter.Once you have done all of your checks and maintenance on your koi pond, all you need to do is wait. Follow the recommendations of your water garden on when is most appropriate to feed your fish.

Costa Rica is surely one of the best places to spend your holiday. But when you think about the best places to stay in Costa Rica, you will come across a wide range of options. From hotels to the resorts and from accommodation on rent to the other accommodation options; at this part of the world, you are really going to explore a wide range of staying options. But when you are looking for a more private, spacious and convenient place where you can stay, Costa Rica bed and breakfast service can come up with some unique facilities. These days, many people coming to this part of the world, prefer to stay at bed and breakfast. check out these destinations.

There are many such places you can find in Costa Rica. But you should choose the best one among them. For this you need to know what sort of benefits that you can reap when you stay at a leading bed and breakfast. If you really want to make your vacation more delightful, and not really inclined towards booking a traditional hotel room, then Costa Rica bed and breakfast is the right option for you. At the hotels, you are surely not going to find out the intimacy, relaxation, comfort and charm that you can receive while staying at the Costa Rica bed and breakfast.

Due to this reason, most people who use to search for the best places to stay in Costa Rica prefer to book their accommodation facility at these venues instead of going for the hotels and other accommodation options. There are a few amazing benefits of staying at Costa Rica bed and breakfast. Knowing these benefits will also help you that why these venues are considered as the best places to stay in Costa Rica and why staying here can offer you a proper vacationing experience.

Why the name bed and breakfast is assigned for these places? Well, there is a good reason behind it. At these venues, guests are supplied with comfortable bed and the breakfast is included. At these venues, breakfast is always remained as the prime addition for your stay. When you are staying here, you are not too far away from homemade, hearty and delicious breakfast that can offer you a great start for the day. In the breakfast, they serve a wide range of healthy and delicious items. Having these food items can surely add a vibrant mood and you will surely get a perfect start for your touring day.

As there are so many places to explore and look for in Costa Rica, a right mood should be created for you in the morning. While staying at the Costa Rica bed and breakfast, you can always expect for this benefit. And the good news is you are not really going to pay additional fee for having such an amazing breakfast. This often remains included with the nightly rate. So, if you are searching for the best places to stay in Costa Rica, then the time has come to book your accommodation with a Costa Rica bed and breakfast.

Major points on Bed Bug Exterminator

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When you have the idea of the qualities of the exterminator, the work can be carried out with ease. Clear characteristics will make it easy for you to rely on the exterminator and then get them on board to clear all of the many infestations. Mentioned below are some characteristics of the bed bug exterminator Long Island which you should know.Get the facts about Bed Bug Exterminator.


When you wish to hire the services of the company or individual that is true and holds a good repute in the market you should check with the online review sites. These websites provide a detailed review of the work undertaken by the experts as the past customers get a platform to share their reviews here. You might even come across negative reviews that give you a sign that the firm should not be hired and the positive review shared gives you a good remark.


When you hire the bed bugs Long Island, considering the number of years of experience is necessary. The problem related to the beg bugs should be kept in mind and if it is really very heavy you need an experienced service provider to get rid quickly. Their experience will also help them decide on the right material to be used so that you and your family members do not have any problems. The experience is built with the increase in the skills and understanding of the major issues and the solution for the same.


Know and determine the qualifications held by the bee exterminator long island. See whether they have the required license to do all the work and maintain the safety levels as well. It is for the safety of the residents that you need to have details of the qualifications so that an uneducated and unskilled technician is not hired. While checking the qualifications you should also take a look at their certifications and the other accreditations which they hold. It clearly means that the exterminator is good in the task for which he is looked upon.

-Communication skills:

The bed bug exterminators on Long Island must be good at the communication. You should give details of the issues faced and the exterminator should realize the treatment that best suits for the issue. If the service provider is not a good listener, he will not be able to understand the targeted areas and miss out an important part under the treatment. In this way, you will be able to find the beg bugs exterminator Long Island who will complete the task properly and give accurate results.

Help With Bed Bug Extermination

December 9, 2018 | Business | No Comments

Do you find yourself in need of help with bed bug extermination? You are definitely not alone. The common bed bug has been making news around the world lately. He has been checking into hotels and motels, biting guests and going home with them and refuses to realize that he is an unwanted guest. Well, there is help out there to get rid of this unwanted guest.

DIY Bed Bug Extermination Methods
There are many options available for bed bug extermination. You can choose anyone of the sprays available out there to kill bed bugs. General consensus is that these work well when combined with steam cleaning as long as you follow the directions closely. They are available in natural or chemical forms. The natural of course is the green safer version for use around your pets and children. The chemical form is exactly as it sounds. To get more information try out here Bed Bug Signs.

There is also a powder available that can help in you to in your bed bug extermination efforts. The active ingredient in this product is diatomaceous earth and is all-natural. It is totally safe for use around children and pets but is said to do the job of killing these little bugs. It states that it only requires contact with the bug to be effective. The eggs will still have to be taken care of so probably this method should be combined with steam cleaning as this is an effective way to eliminate the eggs.

For the extreme infestation your best bet would be to call in the experts to aid you in your quest for bug extermination. They will take the worry out of the eliminating of these nuisance pests from your home. You may have to pay more but you will be assured that once they’re done your problem will be over.

The decision to call an exterminator should be made when you feel you can do no more in your war against these vicious pests. For some of you, that time may come sooner rather than later. There is no shame in calling a professional for help. These little pests can hide out for a year without needing to feed. You might think you have eradicated them, but then you find yourself in the middle of an infestation again.

Whichever option you choose, be assured there is help out there for eliminating these pests. So if you think that you have an issue check out some of the possible solutions, one will be right for you.